Hello 2018: My Daydreams & Travel Goals

Happy New Year everyone! We all get another chance to reflect on the past, plan for the future, and make room for new goals. In 2017 I tried to do a trip-a-month, but this year’s travel goals will be quite different. New year new you right? (See if I accomplished last year’s goals here…I also share my reflections and highlights of 2017 travels). And now without further ado here are my travel goals for 2018:

Travel Less

Wait what? Isn’t this a travel blog and your first travel goal of the year is to not travel? Yes; lately I’ve been feeling a need to slow down from last year’s fast pace (most months we went out of town at least once but some months multiple times)…at least my bank account does. I’m hoping to save a decent chunk of money this year for something really special in 2019. It doesn’t mean I won’t be traveling though. See my next 2 goals! However, I do hope to budget more successfully, get into a routine of tracking my spending on a spreadsheet, and save some moolah!

Go on my First Solo Trip

I did live in London for 2 months basically on my own in 2014, but I had 3 girls from my college in the same building and visitors for about half my time there. I don’t really classify it as a solo trip even though I did lots of exploring on my own. I’m overdue to have my first official solo female travel experience. I think it would teach me a lot, and it’s something I don’t want to wait much longer to make happen. My dream locations are Israel and Copenhagen. Japan has also recently become a top contender for a girls trip if solo travel doesn’t end up happening, so we’ll see what 2018 brings my way.

Travel to Out-of-town Weddings

We have 4 weddings to attend in 2018 between Chicago, Maryland, Mexico, and San Diego. A lot of our time off work will be used for these occasions and I AM SO EXCITED!

Explore more of beautiful San Diego

We are so lucky to live in southern California, and I feel like we’ve only scratched the surface of its awesomeness. I’m hoping that slowing down our travels will leave us with more time to explore the ins and outs here in San Diego. I’ve been dying to check out more breweries, restaurants, cafes, and bars to get a better feel for all the neighborhoods. We’ve hit a majority of the touristy spots by now so we can focus more on local gems this year. I also want to take advantage of the amazing weather and spend lots of time outdoors!

What changes do you hope to make in 2018? Where are you daydreaming about visiting?

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