Culture, Concrete, & Calories: 5 Amazing Days in NYC

This was our fourth time visiting New York City. You know how I feel about going to places I’ve already been, but I can assure you I’ll never feel bad about returning to New York. It’s constantly changing and always exciting–being there is such a rush and catching a glimpse of what it’s like at that moment is truly special. It’s a bustling city that’s really hard to put into words and just as complicated to photograph, so I’ll just share what we got up to on this visit from bars to restaurants to rooftops and more.

Day 1

  • Joe’s Pizza slice in Times Square– I think my favorite pizza of this trip, so delicious.
  • MoMA– I had yet to visit a museum, so I knew this visit it was time. MoMA did not disappoint. The building has a cool design, and being in a room full of Picasso’s was incredible.
  • New York Public Library– impressive building…you can’t miss the Rose Room. See more on the blog I posted last week.
  • Stumble Inn– lots of affordable beer, wings, and tots. The owners of this place also have a bunch of other bars across the city where you can expect a similar vibe and decent prices.

Day 2

  • walked across the Brooklyn Bridge– so iconic and full of beautiful views. We had done this once before but it was back in 2013, and I was ready to experience it again.
  • Juliana’s Pizza– really yummy and authentic.
  • DUMBO photo op– got the famous shot of the Empire State building peering through the Manhattan Bridge. See it on Instagram.
  • Prospect Park, wandering the nearby neighborhood, and stopping in for a drink before heading back to Manhattan.
  • Mr. Purple rooftop bar– gorgeous skyline views made even sweeter by pink clouds at sunset.
  • Fancy cocktails at Beauty & Essex– I had some sort of concoction made with earl grey tea and I was in love. Worth the price for the creative drink and cool atmosphere.
  • Stanton Social– we had a really nice gourmet meal…higher prices for smaller plates, but the flavors were incredible! Left with my taste buds feeling very satisfied. We had pierogis, mac and cheese, french onion dumplings, ribs, chicken and waffles, and salmon between the four of us.
  • post dinner drinks at a bar I can’t remember the name of haha oops
  • drinks at Supply House– because in NYC you have nightcaps on nightcaps and don’t go home until the bar makes you 🙂

Day 3

  • Black Seed Bagel– no visit to NYC is complete without getting bagels. I got a smoked salmon everything bagel, and it was heavenly.
  • Dō– we spent the afternoon wandering around West Village/Washington Square Park area and came across Dō (without a long line) so we had to stop in. A shop just for cookie dough!
  • The Frying Pan–drinks on a boat on the Hudson River. We obviously googled where Sully landed the plane to see how close we were to it.
  • 230 Fifth Rooftop bar– this bar is right across from the Empire State building so we got to kick back and relax with that amazing view. And they give you robes to keep you warm–such a fun touch.
  • Dinner at an Irish bar near Comedy Club– more wings and potato skins.
  • Comedy Club– we got so lucky with really funny acts the whole night!
  • Pizza slices at a local 24 hour shop– because we needed something to soak up all the beer 😉

Day 4

  • Champagne picnic at a park on the East River– this was pure bliss to me: bagels, avocado, prosciutto, cheese, crackers, apples, babaghanouj, water views, city views, park views, great company, good music.
  • Yankees Game!
  • post-game drinks at Billy’s.
  • Salvation Taco– because I’m obsessed with rooftop bars.
  • 3 Sheets Saloon–drinks and spinach artichoke dip from the same owners as the Stumble Inn.
  • Uva– An authentic Italian restaurant with a romantic atmosphere. It felt like we were eating somewhere in Italy. I love how NYC can offer that for so many cultures.
  • Insomnia Cookies– had a relatively early night after 3 full days, no better way to relax than cookies and coffee at home before bed.

Day 5

  • Central Park– my oh my I loved every second of wandering through Central Park, Bluestone Lane coffee in hand.
  • Five Mile Stone– lots of beers and wings were had at the best local pub ever.
  • Wahlburgers– after missing our flight we found ourself in the city for a few more hours and decided to stop in for burgers and beer. I really liked both!

So there’s the proof that we consumed a lot of calories in the concrete jungle and got in a dose of culture here and there as well haha. NYC, I love your energy and I love who I get to be when I’m with you. xoxo.

And if you want to see it all in photos…


Kicking back in Bryant Park

Courtyard views @ the Museum of Modern Art
A room full of Picassos in the MoMA
Brooklyn Bridge views
NY I love you
Who can spot the Statue of Liberty
Came across one of my favorite words in Brooklyn
Pizza & Polaroids
Rooftop views at Mr. Purple
Cotton candy skies
Nightcaps on nightcaps
Streets of New York
A shop full of cookie dough, yes please.
Hey Mr. Empire State
First signs of fall
No such thing as too many rooftop bars
Bluestone Lane Coffee @ Central Park
Central Park you are divine


Summer vs. Winter: NYC Edition

I was lucky enough to visit NYC twice in 2016, experiencing both its summer and winter. I realized there were similarities between both trips, the slight difference being the levels of foliage and layers of clothing. 😉 If you are trying to decide between a summer or winter holiday in the city that never sleeps, I hope the following comparison will help you decide!

Summer version: rooftop bar hopping



Featured bars: Le Bain and Wythe Hotel. Nothing shouts summer like drinking outdoors.

Winter version: Stone Street bar hopping





Featured Bars: Fraunces Tavern and random lovely bars of Stone Street. This was a highlight of my winter trip and might need its own dedicated post. I mean I drank at the same place George Washington did back in the day (and got a selfie with him hehe)! Nothing feels better in winter than drinking alcohol in cozy settings.

Summer version: views from the top of the Freedom Tower


Winter version: views from an office building in Times Square



You can’t visit NYC, arguably the most impressive city in the world, without marveling at its skyline from above. Doesn’t matter when you visit, it’s breathtaking every time and I love finding new viewpoints to take it all in.

Summer version: exploring the High Line




Winter version: exploring the festive streets around Fifth Ave




The energy in NYC is undeniable. There’s always something going on no matter how hot or cold it is–from markets to window displays to public art–it’s all worth exploring!

Summer version: picnics in Central Park



Winter version: walking past the frozen lakes and twiggy trees of Central Park as you make cover for somewhere warmer to eat


Central Park is quintessential NYC and is an important part of any summer or winter itinerary.

You might be wondering what made the cut on both trips?… Brunch at Jacob’s Pickle and drinks at Pier A overlooking the Statue of Liberty. Because some things do not change despite the weather–and that’s our love of carbs and freedom.

Summer Version:



Winter Version:



Moral of the story…NYC is amazing year round and you will be impressed any time you decide to visit! So book that ticket sooner rather than later 🙂

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