Practical Ways to Quickly Restore Equilibrium Post Travel

Travel is exhilarating and exciting, but for most of us, even a short trip can greatly put us off balance. It has sometimes taken me more time than how long the actual trip lasted to get back on track with my normal life routine. Do you know that feeling? You were gone for 4 days and then it takes you two weeks to return to how you felt before you left, whether that be in regards to weight, energy, skin, etc. I’ve been doing a lot of shorter trips lately since I have a full time job, and through my own experience I have narrowed down my go-to essentials to help me cleanse post-travel and more quickly return to “real life” equilibrium.

  1. Body: I use Nature’s Secret fiber cleanse and, along with lots of water, this combo helps to detox my stomach and get me back to my pre-trip weight.
  2. Skin: I use Mojo Spa’s Ultimate Detox Deep Cleansing Facial Powder. It’s basically a charcoal scrub that cleans away all my travel grime and leaves my skin feeling super soft.
  3. Mind: Doing a couple sessions of yoga always helps me mentally reset and boosts energy as well.

Bonus worth trying but I’ve only done it once: a juice cleanse… because I felt the fiber cleanse wouldn’t be hardcore enough to handle the job at hand. I had just returned from a long weekend in Austin, Texas. I over indulged as one does while traveling and consumed brisket at least once a day. It was heavenly to the point where I almost cried actual tears while eating because it was THAT GOOD. At the same time, I could feel my arteries clogging, and when I got back from that trip I felt like a steaming pile of poop. I wanted to try something a bit more extreme than my typical fiber cleanse. I opted for the 3 day juice cleanse from Jus by Julie. It was expensive but the juices were delicious. I will admit that I felt pretty darn good afterwards, but I’m not sure if I would do it again purely due to cost. If it’s something you’re thinking about trying and can afford it, I would say it’s definitely cool to try and will make you feel better.


What are your post-travel cleanse essentials??