The Top 6 Reasons I Have a Crush on Alpenhorn B&B

I have this really weird thing with going to the same place twice. The part of me that wants to see as much of the world as possible (with the little time we’re given to do so) sees how returning to the same place again and again does not “accomplish” anything. Yet, that’s how I know a place is truly special–if I find myself wanting to come back despite that logic. Alpenhorn Bed & Breakfast is one of the places that has stolen my heart and has managed to get me back a second time without even trying. And I’m sure there will be a third. You might be asking why I love it so much? I broke it all down into my top 6 reasons:

The Gourmet Food Makes My Taste Buds So Happy

Let me start off by saying that breakfast and happy hour are included in your nightly rate 🙂 Cooking is the owner’s passion, and a reason he stepped away from the corporate world was so that he could open this guesthouse and be able to cook for everyone. Eating and drinking goes hand in hand with staying here, and the food is my number one favorite thing about the stay. They are so passionate about everything they serve whether it be appetizers, wine, dinner parties, or breakfast. A few examples to whet your pallet of what we had during our last visit: pork belly, wine from Australia and South Africa, coffee from Africa, homemade scones for breakfast, & all you can eat ribs (3 different kinds!). I could literally go on and on, but every time I come I appreciate how I’m exposed to something new and delicious. Their love of cooking really shows especially when they explain where they sourced everything from and what seasonings they used, etc. They are also extremely accommodating and were able to change things up for guests who needed different options (2 pregnant women were there the same time as us and had some dietary limitations).

The Opportunity to Socialize Is Really Refreshing

If your lifestyle isn’t set up to allow you to constantly make new acquaintances, it’s easy to forget how lovely it can be to chat with new people (like-minded enough to have chosen the same place to stay). It’s the perfect atmosphere to socialize if you want (the aforementioned wine and nibble hour helps), but it’s not forced on you if you’re wanting to express your introverted side instead. We’ve been lucky enough to meet really nice couples on both our stays and have more interesting conversations than we could have had alone.

The Location Is Prime

It’s about a 10 minute walk to The Village (main strip of bars and restaurants), which is really important to us personally so we can hit all our favorite spots without having to drive (if we ever feel like leaving the B&B, which we almost didn’t leave this past visit haha). It’s also a short drive (about 5 minutes) to Snow Summit or to the lake access point.

The Backyard Is An Oasis

The ambience of the tall trees is so beautiful. They have hammocks and swings and chairs set up for all your outdoor relaxation needs (I may or may not have ended up napping on one of them). There was also a bags set out our last visit (set up depending on weather). You can really enjoy the simple pleasure of being out in the mountain air, talking, bird watching, & truly relaxing. It’s a place we make sure to spend time when we are there.

The Cozy Romance Makes It Perfect For Couples

The feel of the backyard, fireplaces and jacuzzi bath tubs in every room, country style decor, and big comfy beds all contribute to an understated romance that makes this bed and breakfast perfect for couples. We celebrated our two year anniversary here in April, and this most recent visit there was a couple celebrating their first anniversary. It’s a special place to celebrate milestones or just to be able to spend quality time with a loved one.

The Owners Are Wonderful People

I have never felt more hosted than when I stay here, and it’s such a great feeling and change of pace from daily life. The owners have really created a perfect atmosphere, and I love getting the chance to talk with them when I’m there and see their dream come alive.

I put together a YouTube video from our most recent stay that you can watch here. There’s footage of our room and the backyard at Alpenhorn as well as some of what we got up to in Big Bear. And here are a few photos from the weekend… but keep an eye on my Instagram. Later in the week I’ll be sharing an epic lake sunset!







Just for those who are curious, here’s another place I would return to in a heartbeat, despite there being so many new places in the world I want to experience.

Here’s the post I wrote about our very first time in Big Bear.

And here is the link for the wonderful Alpenhorn:

Why I Don’t Want to Tell You Where We Stayed in Big Bear

Ollie and I visited Big Bear to celebrate our wedding anniversary in early April. We couldn’t believe it took us almost 2 years of living in Socal to make it up–we had THE BEST time. We left feeling like we found a whole other world (even though it’s only 2.5 hours from San Diego) and daydreamed about whether or not we could ever see ourselves living in the mountains.

Skiing was the main reason we chose to visit Big Bear–something we both had never tried but on our “Make Happen ASAP” list. Our anniversary was the perfect excuse to escape for the weekend, experience something new, and splurge just a little bit on accommodation.

I don’t want to spill the beans on where we stayed because we loved it so much and don’t want word to get out but… if you scroll through this post you’ll see pictures of the property that will give it away 😉 Less than 24 hours into our stay we were already planning a return visit.

What made this bed and breakfast so great? To start, it was really charming and dreamily surrounded by pine trees. There was a jacuzzi tub and homemade bath salts as well as a fireplace, which added up to total relaxation and coziness. The highlight of this place, however, was definitely the food. The owners are a husband-wife power duo. Just to give some background: Johann is a former CEO who left the corporate world to pursue his passions including cooking. We were treated each morning to the tastiest homemade breakfast ever, and the daily happy hour included South African wines and impressive hors d’oeuvres. I could go into a lot more detail about the owners, the food, their future plans for the property, and the conversation, but it’s something you should definitely experience for yourself. Just don’t tell too many people so they don’t jack the prices up 😉

Despite how much we loved our accommodation, we did manage to get out and explore a bit. We had a blast skiing for the first time at Snow Summit. We drank craft beers at Big Bear Lake Brewing Company. We ate at 752 Social and Fire Rock Burgers and Brew. We went on a hike and breathed in fresh mountain air while admiring gorgeous views of the lake. In general, we got a chance to slow down (except when we were speeding down the slopes hehe), relax, and enjoy each others company.

Big Bear, you stole our hearts and we can’t wait to see you again! Here are my favorite photos from the weekend (see more on Instagram: @thedaydreamernextdoor)


















Have you been inspired to visit Big Bear and stay at our “secret” bed and breakfast?

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